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Chocolate Meat Mephisto Theme

Photo by flickr user bigberto

What is chocolate meat? Not only is it a delicious Filipino dish it is now also a Mephisto theme! For blogging developers, it uses a modified version of the “lazy” TextMate syntax highlighting theme (via Ultraviolet). Check out my last post to see the syntax highlighting in action (this blog is using Chocolate Meat)

Tried and tested on Mephisto 0.8. Anything else is unknown territory.

Chocolate Meat AKA Dinuguan





Log into your Mephisto site, then navigate to Design → Manage Themes → Import New Theme. Browse to the zip file and activate the theme.

The “lazy” syntax highlighting theme relies on Ultraviolet. If you want this feature, read my last post for directions for integrating it into Mephisto.


The latest version of chocolate meat is on github. Fork it, fix it, change it, whatever… Please share.

Note: This blog no longer uses this theme. You can see it at the Mephisto Themes Gallery by selecting “chocolate meat” from the menu at the top.